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How I fell in love with traveling

My love for traveling began when I was just a little girl, and my parents would drag me to various amusement parks, around where we were living, in California. It all culminated one summer when I was I think about 10 years old, or close to it, and my parents told me that we would be going to Disney World. Up until then, I don’t think that we ever traveled outside of California, let alone almost 3000 miles it took to get to Orlando. My recent trip that I went on I visited Croatia, town of Split to be more precise. This is on a whole other level of traveling that would be mind blowing to a 10 year old me. If you are curious to know what I did in Split, don’t worry. I’ll make a post about it here on the blog pretty soon. For the impatient, I highly recommend for you to checkout the Blue Cave tour. It’s amazing to see and experience in person. As for the all the rest from my latest travel, hold tight, I’m doing a detailed write-up on it as we speak. Being a city surrounded by several beautiful islands, island hopping is a natural thing you want to do when visiting Split Croatia. Adventure in you made a nice guide on island hopping so I suggest you to take a look at it.

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My first travel adventure – how I bought tickets to Disney World

So anyway, back to the beginning of the story of how I got into traveling, where were we? Ah yes, going to Disney World. After my parents told me that we would be going to Disney World I was ecstatic. Disney World is the holy grail for most 10 year olds. I was even a little bit too ecstatic, because I remember from the stories that my parents would tell that I actually called Disney World at their offices in Orlando and tried to buy tickets for our trip. I guess I was a traveler at heart even back then, 🙂 . Luckily, my mom caught wind of the situation and she took over the purchase of the tickets from me, hehe.

We went to Disney World in the summer and we actually drove there. Most people nowadays don’t have the time, patience or the money for a cross country trip to Disney World, but back in the 90s times were different. I can still remember how it felt to travel in the car with just my mom and dad. That’s one of my fondest childhood memories. It’s probably the reason why I love Disney World so much. You can’t beat those early childhood memories of not just traveling there with my parents, but also the sense of wonder that you get once that you actually get into Disney World. As much as I am adult now, and I enjoy traveling to other places like the recently mentioned Blue Cave Croatia tour by Zen Travel that I enjoyed immensely in, Disney World holds a special place in my heart.

Traveling as a way of life

I grown a lot since my first trip, the one to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It seems that my little stunt where I bought tickets was a lifetime ago. Now I’m close to 40 and I’ve got a family of my own. I’ve got two daughters and a son. Obviously as I got older and started college, work, and as I took on other responsibilities that life throws at you, visiting Disney World took a back seat for a bit, until I started working my second job from college. It was a much better position, with better pay and better vacation days. I took advantage of that and treated myself at the ripe age of 28 with a solo visit to Disney World. This time I bought tickets all by myself. 🙂 .

That solo “adult” visit to Disney World opened up my appetite and I started traveling quite a bit after that. At first I traveled and discovered lots of neat places here in the states. Our country is very big and there are a lot of interesting things to see here without having to go abroad, that it if you don’t have my appetite. As I turned 30 and started getting closer to 35, I had what I would call a mini mid-life crisis and traveled the better part of western Europe, as well as southeast Asia. It all culminated in my recent visit to Croatia, and the aforementioned Blue Cave in Split. I think that from now on I’ll try to die down my travels, and focus on making a this website as a diary, a look-back on all the adventures that I was involved in.

IGo2Orlando, my travels and the why we’re here

So how does it all connect with one another, this website, my travels, why the strange name, why did I start the website all of sudden and what exactly it is that I’m trying to achieve here? Well all those are valid questions and to tell you the truth, we’ll find out the answers to them together. I’m also not exactly sure just what exactly it is that I’m trying to achieve with this website. I guess I’ll find my groove as time goes by.

What I do know is that I want this website to be a blog, but I’ll call it a diary (cause I’m older, and we called them diaries back then), where I will write about my traveling adventures. Whether it’s visiting Disney World, with my kids, or whether it about me visiting someplace else. Name for the website I picked randomly when setting everything up. I wanted it to have “going to Orlando” in its name, but all the names were taken and in frustration I picked this website name. It’s a bit weird, but I think I’ll get used to it. It’s to the point at least, hehe.

Join me on my adventure

I’m not saying that things will be out of this world interesting, I mean my website is called “IGo2Orlando” after all. Admittedly I do have 2 used as “to” on my website and that makes me somewhat cool, 🙂 , but keep in mind that I’m an adult who has a crush on Disney World. Things won’t go to such high extremes of coolness on that count alone. But if you would like to find out about my travels, my experiences when discovering this world that we’re on, and the advice that I have for other fellow travelers and those who are interested in traveling, well then you’re at the right place.